Amaryllis are the royalty of all the indoor blooming bulbs. Sold Out. Amaryllis Kit: Apple Blossom + Plastic Pot & Soil - 26/28 cm Bulb - Netherland . Amaryllis bulb kits Each order contains one amaryllis bulb in a decorative box. Fill the pot about half full of the provided soil. Visit our site or call 888-966-9866 to place an order. Charming Beauty Amaryllis - Single Single Amaryllis Gift $49.95 View Product View Product. Bulky items such as furniture and rugs cost more to ship due to greater size and weight. If you extend your search to a garden or DIY store, you will find larger, bare amaryllis bulbs for sale. £9.99. This particular “kit” came with compressed coco fiber rather than soil, and the coco was almost like a hockey puck! Amaryllis & Caladium Bulb Company is the top source for amaryllis bulbs and gift-boxed potted Amaryllis. Sold Out. A holiday tradition to many, easy-to-grow Amaryllis bulbs and growing kits always make the perfect gift. You can order the kit now for $36.95, which includes one waxed bulb and a stainless steel wire hanger. (20-20” tall x 6-8” wide) Our ‘Athene’ Amaryllis Kit makes a wonderful gift! Happy Holidays! 95. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 19. £3.95 delivery. Amaryllis Bulb x 1 Exotic Flowers Easy to Grow. This gives you more variety of choice. Shop for all Amaryllis Bulbs and Kits. £12.25 £ 12. Brighten your home with our selection of beautiful indoor festive plants this Christmas. Red Amaryllis Bulb Growing Kits, Set of 2. We offer many beautiful varieties including various shades of red, white, and pink. Home > Indoor Bulbs > Amaryllis Gift Kits. Joker®Double Sonata Mini Amaryllis Bulb. Merry Christmas® Symphony Amaryllis Bulb. How to Make Your Amaryllis Rebloom. £9.00. Item # 7100579. Our selection ranges from statuesque double-flowered types to the delicate, spidery Cybister forms. FREE Shipping. Sold Out. If you have followed our planting instructions and have kept the buibs from freezing and are not satisfied, we will gladly replace the bulbs or refund your money. Filter BENEFITS. Stargazer Perennials offers quality complete Amaryllis grow kits at a reasonable price online or at our farm and nursery in Summerville, Oregon. Grow Your Own Indoor Amaryllis Bulb Gift Kit | Pink Appleblossom Flower Bulb in a Limited Edition White Classic Pot - Blooms in 4-8 Weeks - Easy to Grow. $19.40. Ship Season: Winter. Brass Amaryllis Hangers, Set of 3 $21.95. Lady Jane Jumbo Amaryllis Bulb. Please contact us to inquire about wholesale amaryllis bulbs. ‘Athene’ is a single pure white amaryllis with a yellow-green throat and lightly frilled edges. 4.1 out of 5 stars 63. If an amaryllis is cared for properly they can produce blooms for up to 75 years. Antique White Laser Flower Cachepot with Saucer, 6” $14.95. These, typically, contain a bulb, a container and some soil. The larger the bulb, the more flowers it will produce. Today I am planting an Amaryllis Bulb Kit to bring a little life into a winter day. 40% off Fall bulbs, 20% off Amaryllis, Paperwhites & Gifts! Shop Amaryllis bulbs. They are naturally a spring-blooming bulb, producing flowers at some point between late winter and mid-spring (February to April in the Northern Hemisphere). Good For Indoor Forcing ( 6 ) Grows Well In Containers ( 8 ) [Filter Results] FLOWER COLOR. All-in-one kit includes a premium Dutch amaryllis bulb, growing medium, and planter; Attractively boxed and ready to give; Amaryllis are easy to grow and loved by all; Spread holiday cheer to friends and family with this DIY growing kit — and be sure to have a few extra on hand as last-minute gifts for hosts/hostesses, teachers, and coworkers. Amaryllis Red Rival Gift Pack. Click & Collect. $20.05 $ 20. Amaryllis kits are almost foolproof to grow. 99. $21.98 Sale $13.99. Pink ( 2 ) Red ( 6 ) [Filter Results] PLANTING TIME. If you’re looking for a winter-blooming houseplant to add a bright splash of tropical colour to your home, amaryllis is an excellent choice. Amaryllis bulbs are one of the easiest bulbs to bring into bloom. Home > Indoor Bulbs > Amaryllis Gift Kits > Red Lion Amaryllis Giftbox Kit Amaryllis #92117. Daylily Nursery Elegant Black Pearl Amaryllis Gift Growing Kit, Deluxe Edition. We ship our Amaryllis bulbs as bulbs - not kits - nor pre-planted, so that you can pot them up yourself in your favorite pot. By Feature . Miracle Amaryllis Bulb Gift - One Planted Bulb per kit That Will Make a Great Gift. Free postage. Shop for amaryllis bulbs today at Easy to Grow Bulbs! 26-28 cm Bulb. Lady Jane Amaryllis Bulb. Our Amaryllis bulbs are of the best bulbs Holland has to offer. Amaryllis bulb kits and selected cultivars for sale. Like daffodils or tulips, the amaryllis plant starts out as a bulb—often sold as part of a kit containing the bulb, a heavy pot, and some growing medium (ideally, a sterile, soilless planting mix). Page 1 of 1 View All. 99. We only ship one large blooming bulb size to ensure well proportioned plants, which are guaranteed to produce large, vibrant blooms for you. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) gifts are our most popular added value product range. £3.50 postage. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW A BEAUTIFUL AMARYLLIS FLOWER KIT CONTAINS1 Amaryllis bulb, size 24/26 cm1 Bag of potting soil1 Plastic pot Growing directions:Growing Amaryllis is easy. $9.99. Other options New from $19.95. Water Planting Instead of soil, you may choose to "water plant" your amaryllis. Amaryllis. Brighten up the patio or balcony with our range of outdoor bulb growing kits. 24-26 cm Bulb. Learn More . Your newly awakened amaryllis bulb will grow into a tall, elegant flower, which, if you time it right, will bloom just as next Christmas rolls around. Read more. 05. AMARYLLIS Bulb RED WHITE Flowers Hippeastrum Gift Box size 24/26 and PLASTIC POT. Indoor planting instructions are included. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND . How to Care for Hippeastrum Amaryllis. Amaryllis bulbs are also easy to grow if you follow the guidelines earlier on this page. How to grow amaryllis bulbs. Amaryllis Growing kit. Facing. Naranja Jumbo Amaryllis Bulb. South (15) West (1) Soil type. All Amaryllis by Variety We start the holiday season with over 70 Amaryllis varieties. ; If you've ordered Amaryllis Bulbs only, choose a heavy, standard size flower pot, so the large bulb has approximately 1” around the … Black Friday starts now! £5.40 . x 7 in. Water them to start their growth, and follow any other instructions that come with the kit to ensure beautiful blooms! Choose from a wide range of varieties including Tulips, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Dahlias and Lilies and a range of planters. £4.95 postage. 13 Items Filters. Get it Saturday, Nov 28. Select the largest bulbs available as the larger the bulb, the more flowers it will produce. Each plant can grow 18-24 inches in height and produces 5 or 6 individual flowers. Reactive Glaze Cachepot, 6” $14.95. $7.98 Freight Delivery Surcharge. trendy, metallic red, metal, artisan decorative outer planter, a 5 in. When blooms fade, cut off the tubular flower stems near the top of the bulb, leaving the foliage to continue growing. We offer several dozen varieties of Amaryllis, all top-grade bulbs imported from The Netherlands. Click & Collect. We were eager to plant it! 2Pcs Amaryllis Bulbs, Rare Species Papilio Butterfly Hippeastrum Bulbs Flowers, Fine Gifts, Balcony Garden Strong Roots Plant, Full of Fragrance. Renowned for their tall stems and big, bold flowers, some think of amaryllis as festive flowers, but you can enjoy them any time from Christmas through to the spring. Brighten your home with the blooming of your very own amaryllis bulbs. Light sandy (1) Normal (15) Flowering month. Quick growing . Aftercare: After winter bloom, if you want to rebloom your amaryllis, it's quite simple. They are tropical and subtropical. 3.9 out of 5 stars 138. 2 Amaryllis planted in pots, large size bulbs, easy to grow, indoor plants. View the Amaryllis Care Guide here! You Save: $10.00 (50.0%) 1 bulb + growing kit per package. Hyacinths and Amaryllis, christmas cacti and peace lillies and much more. Filter Low High A-Z Z-A Featured. Bulbs; Amaryllis bulbs; Clear all filters. Per Kit. A look forward to spring gardening. Amaryllis are also often sold to consumers as dry bulbs in “bulb kits” that they can plant and grow at home. These indoor forcing flowers are easy to plant and full of charm, adding a fresh touch to your space. $39.99 $ 39. Colourful collections / bicolours (1) Black (1) Green (1) Orange (1) Pink (5) Red (9) White (3) More filters. Winter's Warmth Amaryllis - Double Duo Amaryllis Gift $49.95 View Product View Product . Amaryllis - Christmas Star - Red and White Striped Flower - Gift Pack. In tropical climates Amaryllis bulbs can grow right in your garden. We are proud to offer a large selection of colors, including solid, striped, … Black Laser Cachepot with Saucer, 6” $14.95. “Amaryllis” can sometimes be purchased in bloom or ready to bloom around the holidays but generally they are available as dormant bulbs, many times in a kit with a pot and potting medium. Amaryllis Planting Kit $24.95. Tip: Dutch hybrid amaryllis will rebloom in 8 to 12 weeks; African hybrids will rebloom in 4 to 6 weeks. FREE Shipping. You can purchase Amaryllis bulbs individually or you can purchase Amaryllis bulbs in kit form. Our Story; Our Guarantee; Testimonials; Rewards ; Response to COVID-19; 866.725.5361;; 0. Sold Out. These kits and bulbs are usually not sold during the summer. We are not able to control which color you get--so part of the fun will be waiting to see what appears! The flowers are usually available in shades of red, pink and white. Sold Out. Quantity: 5.00 stars, based on 20 review(s) Write a review. View Product View Product. $13.02. Red Lion Amaryllis - Plastic Pot Kit Amaryllis Red Lion Hippeastrum Red Lion. As bulbs are essentially storage mechanisms, they already contain everything needed to produce flowers. bulbs Beautiful large flowers. Click & Collect. All our bulbs are prime bulbs. Place the bulb into the pot and add the remaining soil around the bulb, leaving the top third of the bulb exposed. Bulb circumference dictates the bulb size. Amaryllis Kits and Bulbs. $26.76. Free shipping on gifts & orders over $30! Availability: In Stock. Water as usual and apply water-soluble fertilizer every four weeks. $9.88. Description Red Lion Indoor Growing Amaryllis with 1 Amaryllis bulb per gift box. You will commonly see boxed amaryllis kits for sale. $16.44. Sold Out. nursery pot, planting medium, and a set of growing instructions. A very dear friend of ours recently gave us an amaryllis bulb. Nora Bowl Cachepot, 10” $19.95. Our best range of festive bulbs make an ideal Christmas gift for those who like to decorate their homes in blooming flowers and wish to … 1.0 out of 5 stars 3. Amaryllis Pink Holiday Gift Growing Kit. Our bulbs are the best available on the market, and will outperform those found in stores. Our Amaryllis Growing Kits include soil and a pot, so you can easily plant right away. Nymph Amaryllis Bulb. 36+ cm Bulb. Nubia Cachepot, 7” $19.95 . Our Amaryllis kit comes with everything you need to grow this exotic plant: one large Red Lion Amaryllis bulb, a 5 in. This kit includes pot, no-fuss growing medium, one bulb and instructions. Includes: Big Bulb, plastic pot and saucer, and Professional Growing Medium . As bulbs are essentially storage mechanisms, they already contain everything needed to produce flowers. $39.95 $ 39. Our range includes premium glass and zinc planters, standard and premium gift boxes. 4.2 out of 5 stars 11. While you might see other waxed amaryllis bulbs around this holiday season, the upside-down kits are exclusive to Gardener’s Supply Company. All you will need to do is plant them and water. Instructions said to soak the coco in warm water for half an hour, and lo and behold, suddenly there was a planter full of damp, rich material in which to plant our bulb. Amaryllis hybrids typically have large, stately flowers, available […] Amaryllis are known for producing their lasting, beautiful flowers indoors each winter. 25. 4x Amarine belladiva MIXED. HOME; SHOP FALL. 36+ cm Bulb. 24-26 cm Bulb . Amaryllis (hippeastrum) is a popular bulb crop grown by greenhouse producers as pre-finished potted plants and marketed for major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Was: $19.99. When your bulbs arrive, open the box right away and check the contents. This kit includes pot, no-fuss growing medium, one bulb and instructions. January (11) February (2) September (1) October (1) November (3) December (9) Flower colour. 18-20 cm Bulb. $10.29. Flowers take 8-10 weeks to bloom and will be either white, maroon, pink or red. Gift-Boxed Kit with lush 'Red Lion' Amaryllis. £15.99 £ 15.