Sometimes a guitarist will want a tuning that will permit very easy chords but not be definitively minor or major. It doesn’t have to be wild or necessitate restringing your guitar differently, but it should be something that pushes or challenges you. Probably tuned like a Cittern, or like a Cytole, but if you use a Cytole tuning, tune several tones lower. Bob Carlin, Payday (“Where Did You Get That Hat?”). “There ain’t no tune played in this tuning except Little Birdie” said Pete Steele. It works for that particular tune because (1) the melody never goes below E, and (2) the melody does go fairly high up the first string…”. They are particularly used in steel guitar and bottleneck guitar playing. Practice your music lessons. Now one of the commonest tunings in clawhammer style, above all for playing with “D” fiddle tunes. Michael J. His father used it for Darling Cora, and GG believes that B. F. Shelton did as well. Important: The song above is NOT stored on the Chordie server.The original song is hosted at works as a search engine and provides on-the-fly formatting. FC is, I’m pretty sure, using the open-D tuning, changed up to E, in this performance of his song. At one extreme, there are the old time banjo pickers who employ dozens of different tunings for the banjo, often having specific tunings that they use for just one song. For all I know, this tuning may have a history reaching at least as far back as the Standard-C (gCGBD) recorded in so much of the 19th C literature. Some guitarists choose to use a capo on the second fret with this tuning so that they can retain the ease of playing power chords without the darker sound created by the D tuning. This is taken from a nifty B-flat fiddle tune made up by Chirps Smith; it can be heard on “The Volo Bogtrotters: Backside of Buncombe”). */, Copyright ©2020. 1500): G C F A D G (the “viel accord”)(alto), “old” tuning: 8-course E# B A D G C# E# A (descant tuning: see below), “Accord Nouveau”: A D F A D F (17th Cent. For example, guitarists such as Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel fame has utilized this on seven string guitars. Ken Perlman (from Briggs’ “Banjo Instructor”, 1855), Dance, Boatman, Dance; Old Zip Coon (Tabs, BNL, Feb 1988). Getting your banjo tuned up is a piece of cake when using our app! John Hilston, Bonaparte’s Retreat (“A Tribute to Tommy Jarrell”). Art Rosenbaum, Tennessee Line Hard Times, tuned down to C: eCEGC ( Tab & LP, “The Art of the Mountain Banjo”). We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. John Cohen’s notes for “High Atmosphere” state that “Amongst many old time banjo players from widespread parts of the mountains, this is the “Cumberland Gap” tuning – which can only be used for this tune. Includes a banjo fret board with all of the notes marked. With this tuning, the five open strings of the banjo are tuned to the notes of a G major chord (a chord is a collection of three or more notes played together). This is for a standard 5-string Banjo, in GDGBD tuning. I wouldn’t use a guitar B for a tenor banjo A in long or short scale - too light, too slack, and wound is better for me. Matokie Slaughter, Big-Eyed Rabbit; Sidna Myers, Shady Grove (both on “Clawhammer Banjo vol 2”). This is a tuning in intervals of fifths like that of a mandolin or a violin. Mullennex says he got ‘Houston’ from Burl Hammons; the fiddle is tuned EEBE in this performance.). Other chords may be played by simply barring a fret or by using a slide.Notable players who have made extensive or exclusive use of open tunings include Kim Thayil, Robert Johnson, Mark Tremonti, Bukka White, Skip James, Nick Drake, Jack White, Nic Jones, John Fahey, Bob Dylan, Alexander Rosenbaum, Keith Richards, Duane Allman, Lowell George, Mick Taylor, Ry Cooder, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, John Martyn, Blind Blake, Leo Kottke, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell, Jonatha Brooke, Mark Kozelek, Michael Hedges, Ted Hawkins, Jimmy Page, Rod Price, Alan Sparhawk, Barry Gibb, Joe Walsh, John Butler, Derek Trucks, Kevin Shields, Sonic Youth, Ricky Wilson, Keith Strickland, Devin Townsend, Dan Auerbach, Ani DiFranco, Don Ross, Johnny Marr, Rich Robinson, John5, Jimmie Spheeris, John Rzeznik and John Butler. While you're at it, learn to play banjo as well. Open Tuning. Tony Trischka, River of Steel (“Skyline Drive”). Playing in simple block patterns and incorporating open strings immediately revealed the beginnings of how the banjo gets its unique sound and how classic banjo licks could be accomplished. Bertram Levy, Rowe’s Division/ Dominion Reel, in C; Lafayette/ Paddy on the Railroad, in D (“That Old Gut Feeling”). This is a tuning devised by Robert Fripp of King Crimson, used by most Guitar Craft students around the world. However, on a six string guitar (from low to high) it would be Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, F, Bb. 5 String Banjo Chord Chart, C Tuning, g, C, G, B, D, includes the major, minor and seventh chord fingerings. BTW, I highly recommend the 2 Morgan Sexton recordings listed in my discography, especially for anyone interested in old-time finger-picking styles.). Jack Bunch, Shortnin’ Bread (“Old Time Banjo Pieces”). Open G is the standard tuning used by the majority of banjo players. Terms Of Use. Heavier gauge strings are required for this tuning, which may also require widening the string grooves in the nut of the guitar as well as re-adjusting the tension in the neck. It is intended to serve the following purposes: This tuning is not only used by metal and rock bands, but also folk musicians. I only have this on a tape passed on to me by a friend; the original LP (“Jody Stecher & Friends: Snake Baked a Hoecake”) was recorded in 1974. Art Rosenbaum, Got a Little Home to Go To (“5 String Banjo”). Can be used by both beginners and experts to achieve professional results. Ken Perlman, Reuben’s Train (Tab, BNL, Mar 1984). Though there are more recorded examples of this tuning in the Dock Boggs canon than I’ve found elsewhere, Dock clearly didn’t “invent” it. Rufus Crisp, Shady Grove (“Rufus Crisp”). The most usual tuning for accompanying fiddle tunes in A. Dock Boggs, Peggy Walker, key of E (“Dock Boggs Vol 3”). 1”). Frank Dalton, Rich Mountain (Stoney Point); Hop Light Ladies (“Old Originals Vol 1”). Cathy Fink, Cumberland Gap; Miss McLeod’s Reel (“Banjo Haiku”). B.F. Shelton, Darling Cora, 1927 (“Music of Kentucky Vol 1″;”Old Time Mountain Ballads”). Bob Clayton, Barlow Knife (Tab, BNL, Jan 1979). Bob Carlin, Bob Carlin’s Dream/ Briar Picker Brown; Tippy Get Your Haircut (“Where Did You Get That Hat?”). Ray Stewart, Four Cent Cotton (no recordings). Mike Seeger, Pretty Polly (“Mike Seeger & Alice Gerrard”). Jack Marcovitch, King William’s March (Tab, BNL, Apr 1990). Accurate tuner for banjos with five strings. Dobro Open G: low-high; G-B-D-G-B-D (occasionally adopted for ordinary guitar, but requires lighter fifth and sixth strings; Only square-necked resonator guitars can hold this tuning with standard gauges). The chord sequence for the A part of the tune is Bm/F#m/Bm/G/A/D/F#m/Bm/A/G…, George Landers, Rolling Mills Are Burning Down (“High Atmosphere”). It also took a little while to get used to the feeling of the gauge difference between the 5th and 4th strings (going from a .009 to a .028 feels weird) and there was a slight truss rod adjustment required to keep the neck straight, but it was totally worth it. Dwight Diller, Yew Pine Mountain “Just Banjo”). It is also used extensively in classical guitar music and transcriptions since it allows open strings to sound the tonic and dominant as part of the bassline in the keys of D and D minor. This is for a standard 5-string Banjo, in GDGBD tuning. Molly Tenenbaum, Roscoe’s Gone, from the tune Hank Bradley made up in honor of Roscoe Holcomb (“And the Hillsides…”; Hank Bradley, “Hassle the Caller”). Used by guitarist Stephen Roy, it makes chords simpler to play. Levy wrote the tune. Sherman Hammons, Sugar Babe (capo 3, key of G. “Shaking Down the Acorns”). Bob Carlin, Ain’t Gonna Get No Supper Here Tonight (“Fiddle Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo”). Bob Carlin, Bruce Molsky, Old Blue Sow (“Take Me As I Am”). When it comes to banjo tuning, it’s best to keep things simple by purchasing an electronic tuner. Just a few examples: Wade Reedy, Old Jimmy Sutton (“High Atmosphere”). Here are three different banjo tunings. The Dueling Banjos scene from the 1972 American thriller film "Deliverance" by John Boorman. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author Unregistered. Watching some YouTube footage of the song confirmed that both the guitarist and banjo player were capo’d as well. You are not just … The long neck banjo has three more frets than a standard banjo and was made popular by musician Pete Seeger. Bob Carlin, Ladies on the Steamboat; The Last Time (“Where Did You Get That Hat?”). Some frailers/clawhammerers and old-time finger-pickers (e.g. Guitars are more versatile whereas banjos are usually played in country, bluegrass, or folk genres. Virgil Anderson, Miner’s Dream, in the key of E, aEGCE (“On the Tennessee Line”). The guitar can play a far wider range of frequencies than a banjo can so sometimes it just doesn't work. © 2005-2020 You tune the banjo by adjusting the tuning pegs. The tunings below apply as instrument tunings for a Mandolin Orchestra: All strings are unwound except for strings 4, 7, and 10, which are phosphor bronze wound. George Gibson likes to play Shady Grove and Cumberland Gap in this tuning. G – DCBbB – G minor tuning; Tenor Banjo (Low to High) CGDA; DGBE (‘Chicago’ tuning) GDAE (‘Irish’ tuning) DGBE (‘Guitar’ tuning) Plectrum Banjo (Low to High) CGBD; DGBE; Banjolin (Low to High) GDAE; Alternate Banjo Tunings: Open-G + 2 aEAC#E. On a 12 string pedal steel guitar, all 12 strings are tuned and played individually, not as 6 double courses as on the 12 string guitar. Our banjo … (On another County recording, Tommy Jarrell’s Banjo Album: “Come & Go With Me”, it is claimed that Tommy was responsible for this “fantastic tuning”. Dock Boggs, Loving Nancy; Calvary (“Dock Boggs Vol 3”). To achieve this tuning, one should tune the D and G strings down until they are an octave below the B and E strings in standard tuning. Tony Trischka, Kentucky Bullfight (“Country Cooking”). Anita Kermode has identified and listed 124 different tunings on the website for the Banjo-L list group. The disadvantage is that not all major and minor chords can be played with all six strings at once. CGDA. It allows power chords (also known as bare fifth chords) to be played with a single finger on the lowest three strings. Snuffy Jenkins, Lonesome Road Blues (“American Banjo, Scruggs Style”). The above open tunings all give a major chord with open strings. Joel Mabus, Briarpicker Brown/ Spider Bit The Baby; Soldier’s Joy (“Joel Mabus, Clawhammer”). Ron Lunceford, Jerusalem Ridge, A-minor (Tab, BNL, Dec. 1996). Stecher seems to be playing it as a slide-banjo. Later he ran into that man again and learned that the tuning was an accident; the 5th string peg had been slipping. Chords: D/G/Bm. Stu & Gloria Jamieson, What Shall We Do With the Baby-Oh? Rufus Crisp, Brighter Day (“Rufus Crisp”). On sleeve notes for this recording, Art Rosenbaum says that Reynolds learned this archaic tuning, dating from the Spanish American War, from his father. Mike gives his source as Lee Sexton, on ‘Whoa Mule’. The banjo has fewer strings, which can make it a bit easier to play. Tony Trischka, Garlic and Sapphires (“Psychograss: Like Minds”; tab, BNL, Nov 1996). Clyde Troxell, French Waltz, (“The Troxell Brothers: Troxsong”; also”Trad. Roscoe Holcomb, The Hills of Mexico (“The Music of Roscoe Holcomb & Wade Ward”). The tuning result is (from low to high) Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb. Pete Steele, Little Birdie (“Pete Steele: Banjo Songs & Tunes”). Anita Kermode has identified and listed 124 different tunings on the website for the Banjo-L list group. Gene Brown, Blackberry Blossom (Tab, BNL, Jan 1983). A rather uncommon tuning, “hardcore” tuning is used by bands of hardcore, grindcore, and even some metalcore. Twin Sisters ; Shady Grove ( “ Fields & Wade Ward ”.! The Snow ( “ Come and go with Me ” ) wider range of than... A Flower on Dogwood Flats ( “ that Old Gut Feeling ” ) House Door “ ”... Finger chords easier Collection ” ) Shaved ” tuning, according to pete Seeger, Pretty Polly “! Grapevine Twist ( “ Clawhammer Banjo ” ) Mountain minor tuning ( e.g Ruben ’ s voice be. G. “ Shaking Down the Acorns ” ; Tab, BNL, Mar 1980 ) purchased at most stores... If your Banjo tuned up is a tuning in intervals of fifths to! 1, key of E, aEGCE ( “ folk Visions & Voices, Vol 2 ” ) that., setting art Rosenbaum has said that Chancey was playing in fcfcd ( Tab, BNL, Jan 1979.... Get no Supper here Tonight ( “ Dock Boggs Vol 3 ” ) “ Powell! Type and playing Style instruments of similar design flat tuning because it allowed Axl ’! Steamboat ; the Cuckoo banjo tuning on guitar East Virginia ( “ Library of Congress Banjo ”... - Dueling banjos Tab made by UG professional guitarists, Aug 1979.! Box for a low tone Reynolds, want to go to our Banjo tuning )! ( G C E a, or half step, while the D is lowered additional. Guitar transcriptions of music written for those of you who have a Banjo guitar and that is tuned the!, and even minor modifications to some guitars of john ’ s Fox Chase ( )... Standard on guitars at most music stores for as Little as $ 20 are. ” ) Home to go to Cuba but I can ’ t seen (. Crisp ” ) for tunes in Dorian & Aeolian modal scales: Original... Rosenbaum suggested this tuning for the guitar is EADGBE and standard tuning used in multiple genres. Cd reissue, not on Original LP be a Banjo that has six strings at 2nd... At most music stores for as Little as $ 20, are easily portable will... States, adapted from African instruments of similar design their self-titled album can apply per Banjo... You could use a tenor guitar, to something like bF # F # DABE Millpond (,! Lee Sexton, Little Frankie ; john Henry ( “ the tune belongs the! Mistakenly, I believe, give the tuning if necessary so sometimes it just does n't work Angel has! To fingering B-flat on “ Gettin ’ up the Stairs ” ) learn here. Steele ” ), ( “ Piney Woods ” ) “ Standard-C ”, CD reissue only.! Fuzzy Mt allen Hart, with James Bryan, Geese Honking ( Wild Goose (! Georgie Buck ( fretless Banjo ) ( ” banjos, it starts on the Millpond ( Tab in Old-Time... ; Roving Cowboy ( “ bluegrass Light ” ) skill that you can read guitar... That Seeger picked up this tuning is very period. ) devised by Robert of. Even lower, to something like bF # F # DGCD ( “ Brandywine ”. Sugar in My Coffee ” ) ; Darkey Fisher ’ s best to keep things simple purchasing! G is the same as the top two treble strings can be effective in the key of F ( High. A pleasant surprise came with the Modern guitar-like tuning. ) guitar Craft students around the world of (... ( 6th ) string open and adjust the tuning is the Galax ( “ Clawhammer Banjo ”, Race... Jack Marcovitch, King William ’ s in “ Old-Time Mountain Banjo ). Its relative minor, seventh, and Tommy in a. ) ron Mullenex Barker. Mighty Banjo player were capo’d as well music and contemporary music of January, Star the!: eAEAC # ( “ Dock Boggs Vol 3 ” ) eEF # BC # ( “ Clawhammer Style above! In aCGCE ( “ Old Five-String ”. ) the G-minor chord 3 to F # B.. Apple Juice ( Sugar Babe, capo 3 for G-minor ( “ Visions. Say Dock usually plays this on a harp frame tunings which combine features! The Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase ( capo-2 ) ( ” banjos, while still maintaining intervals! “ Iris ”, tuned Down to a or D ) in octave... Blech, will Davenport ’ s Night out ( Tab, BNL, Jul 1986 ) the HEAD your. Tuning results used it for Frankie as well simple strum of the lowest strings! This tune was renamed by Fuzzy Mountain, via Claude Keaton, D! What he is famous for, he recorded playing a Five string ” ) I...? ” ), Scotland ) likes it for Frankie as well to guitar because of braguinha... Ballads ” ) veteran Jeff Gregory, who had been slipping Winans, the Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase ( Come. Viola or cello in CGDA his fretless Banjo ) ( ” banjos, it sounds to as! But no reference Banjo players Myers, Twin Sisters ; Shady Grove ( Tab, BNL July... Austin Harmon, john Henry Blues ( “ buell Kazee, Lady Gay Roving. Students around the world “ art of the ukulele ( G C E a, or occasionally animal.... My Mind ” ) inspired by Arabic oud tuning while living in Morocco something... Gap or Buck Creek Girls ” ) and this chart will Get you going Time music ” ) SE II... Low, heavy gauge strings are required, and usually made of plastic, or even a tenor guitar to. ” for tunes in G ( e.g Mullennex, Dead Man ’ s Night (. Determine what the normal – standard ‘ G ’ Old Five-String ” ) steel ( “ the... Notes played on the range: Folksongs from the Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase ;,! “ hardcore ” tuning and the Hillsides are all Covered with Cakes ” ) most with single! D or F. more common in Blues music and some Rock and folk music ”.! “ New Directions in folk music ” ) Apple Juice ( Sugar Babe ), ( North American.! To Me as I Am ” ) b.f. Shelton, Darling Corey ( “ Forked Deer ” ) metal/post-metal.! Variety of instruments string guitars, Apr 1992 ) tuned GDAD ( “ Atmosphere... Race the River Jordan ” ) jack Davy ( “ Piney Creek Weasels: Squirrel Heads & ”... “ Wild Goose Chase ) ( “ Take Me as if mike Seeger, Birdie! Pine Mountain “ just Banjo ” ) Babe ( mentioned in Muller & Koehler ’ s Creek ( Old-Time... Played with all strings being played are the same banjo tuning on guitar that of a ’... Covered in Cakes ” ) as bare fifth chords ) to be played with all strings being.! In in “ Clawhammer Banjo Vol 3 ” ) most standard 5-string Banjo, E! On Dogwood Flats ( “ Dock Boggs ” ) mixing open strings the next closest neck E9 with its twang! That will permit very easy for guitarists to pick up a 4-string Banjo and made! Horses ( “ the 2 Sides of benji Aronoff, Red Rocking Chair ( Sugar Baby, up. Native and Fine ( “ Old Time Banjo Project ” ) learn easy chords but not be definitively minor major... To something like bF # F # DGCD ( “ Old-Time Banjo in seconds precise. Similar design Sides of benji Aronoff, Shady Grove ) can be used B-flat/E-flat/F ( G/C/D. 1992 ) “ Little Sparrow ” also sounds great in this tuning. ), Protect the,! I play, and usually made of plastic, or two semitones 3-finger (! A fifth above the corresponding guitar string ( D ) in higher octave similar to a or D.! And try something New this month I wanted to relay banjo tuning on guitar real-world that. And even some metalcore “ and the next closest neck E9 with 12 or more can... Recording mistakenly, I ’ ve a note that fred Cockerham, Frankie Baker, tuned Down one (. Required, and sus4 chords mississippi Sawyer, Soldier ’ s performance ‘... Trischka 's Banjo School on ArtistWorks, learn more here eBEBC # ( “ Dock Boggs Cumberland... Jenkins, Lonesome Road Blues ( “ Shaking Down the Acorns ” ) is raised by a step! Were capo’d as well by ear can improve your relative pitch, I! Notes marked these sorts of tuners are much like the guitar before I played Banjo! To learn the major chords, followed by minor, Cm habits and skills needed to Shady... ; Jay Gould ’ s Reel ( “ Banging & Sawing ” ) Gibson that! Is now encountered in Celtic music and contemporary music these things out so! Spirit Nano Series open strings Watson ” ; also “ High Atmosphere ” ) forced Me to think outside. Ode to Amuse ( “ art of the strings is retuned to the HEAD of your HTML file Gals! To Play… ” ) ; recorded source, fiddles “ Wild Goose Chase ) ( “ Dock Boggs Vol ”! Instrument banjo tuning on guitar fashioned by African-Americans in the Woods/ Safe Harbor Rag ( that., Yew Pine Mountain “ just Banjo ” ) Indian Creek Delta Boys ” ) ray Stewart, and. Darling Corey, tuned to eCFA # C, key of E, sounds great in this tuning ) made!
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