Artisan Goodtime Parlor banjo from Deering Banjos, San Diego USA. Buy your Deering Goodtime Americana from Eagle Music Shop and receive our premier workshop setup at no extra cost.. Goodtime Americana Banjo Specification: Continuing the long standing Goodtime philosophy of offering the best value American made banjos available, the Americana is the lowest priced 12” model on the market today and retains the distinctive natural blonde Goodtime aesthetics. Our store features over 20 different Goodtime banjo models. $749.00 New. This small 19 Fret Parlor 5-string banjo is ideal for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone. We are ncluding it free at with any Goodtime Banjo. A small 5-string banjo for travel, teaching children or for simple enjoyment by anyone, the Goodtime Parlor is just plain cute. It is tuned in G just the same as a 22 fret banjo, but it is 4 inches shorter with only 19 frets. Deering Artisan Goodtime Openback played by Barry Waldrep - Duration: 1 ... Kristin Scott-Benson recommends Deering Goodtime Banjos for Students. The Deering Goodtime Banjo is an affordable five-string open-back banjo with excellent playability and great tone. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Watch. ... ARCHIVED TOPIC: Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo? This wrench is sold separately by Deering for Goodtime Banjos for $10.95. The fullness and warmth of the larger rim is further enhanced by the addition of a 12” Renaissance head which beautifully complements the banjo both visually and sonically. From Deering, "Made in the USA at the Deering shop with the same tooling we use to make the top of the line banjos, the Goodtime banjos are the lowest priced American made banjos. It sounds better and is easier to play too. The new Artisan Goodtime Special is proof that a bluegrass banjo doesn't need to weigh a ton to sound great. Deering Artisan Goodtime Parlor Banjo. Watch; DEERING GOODTIME 5 STRING OPEN BACK BANJO. Including the perfect lightweight (4 lb) Goodtime banjo that you can take with you when you travel. 17 product ratings - G Deering Goodtime Parlor Open Back Banjo. The Deering Goodtime Leader Parlor is a higher specification than the standard Goodtime Parlor banjo. Add this Deering Leather Banjo Strap that fits Artisan and Good Time banjo's for $29. Located in Spring Valley, CA, Deering produces all of its quality 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string banjos in the same US facility and boasts the most knowledgeable team in the industry. 5 out of 5 stars (1) ... (17) 17 product ratings - Deering Goodtime 5 string open back banjo with embroidered black soft case A1 . New old stock. Banjos Deering Goodtime 5-string Banjo Left-handed. The Goodtime Banjo Beginner Package includes a Goodtime banjo, a Deering gig bag, banjo strap, picks, and tuner. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Both types of banjos are made of maple, but the standard Goodtime banjos are unstained and showcase the beautiful blonde maple wood, while the Artisan Goodtime banjos have a brown stain on them. more info. or Best Offer +$95.35 shipping. The Goodtime Special is so much better than my last one I just can't get over it. It's not fancy looking, but I think that's how Deering keeps the price down on a banjo that sounds this good. Greg and Janet Deering are based in Spring Valley, California and are legends in the Banjo World. View a detailed description here $103.35 shipping. It is a never ending quest that Deering pursues every single day. They have even been featured on the TV when Made in America Visited Deering Banjos to see them craft their excellent banjos. The Artisan Goodtime Special has the look of an older banjo with the rich brown stain, Deering fiddle shaped peghead and planetary banjo tuners. $499.00. They are so accurate, many professionals have recorded with Goodtime banjos. $749. The Goodtime banjos have sealed guitar tuners while the Artisan Goodtime banjos have planetary tuners. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 5.0 out of 5 stars. Good Time Artisan Parlor Banjo - Travel and Children Size 5-String Banjo The Deering Artisan parlor banjo makes a great travel banjo and also the perfect size for children to learn on. The vast majority of leather straps do not fit behind the brackets of a Good Time or Artisan Banjo. Although, historically, Greg Deering has led the design of nearly all Deering banjos, the Artisan Goodtime banjos are a little different. Great for travel, great for kids, maybe just the right thing for you. ... G Deering Goodtime Parlor Open Back Banjo. $375.00. This package includes everything needed to successfully get started playing the banjo! Brand New. Our Goodtime Parlor banjos fit in our tenor banjo cases. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Deering Parlor Banjo Small 5 Strings Banjo with Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck (Deering Banjo Package) with Banajo Finger Picks and Banjo Tuner 5 Strings at sku: PARGOOD. Tuners. You can find them here: Gig Bag Hardshell Case (choose the appropriate tenor banjo option) It is tuned in G just the same as a 22 fret banjo, but it … With its gorgeous brown finish, Deering fiddle shaped peghead, and planetary banjo tuners, the Deering Artisan Goodtime Special captures the look of an older banjo, and it produces a sweet voice with signing sustain, more than capable of driving all the instruments in a bluegrass band. 17 product ratings - Deering Goodtime Artisan Banjo (practically new) $675.00. Durable and easy to maintain! This is my second banjo, my first was a crappy import. - Duration: 1:59. Great deals on Deering Goodtime Banjos. Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. It is a never ending quest that Deering pursues every single day. We offer both a padded gig bag and a hardshell case. Buy It Now. Brand New. Easy to play! Deering Artisan Goodtime Openback 5 String Banjo With 3 Ply Maple Rim USA. DEERING The Great American Banjo Company GOODTIME BANJOS Original blonde, satin finish, with hardwood inlays Model Retail Price ORIGINAL GOODTIME - OPENBACK Goodtime 5-String $529.00 ... Artisan Goodtime Two Parlor (5-string, 19-fret banjo) $1,109.00 ARTISAN GOODTIME … The Goodtime Two™ banjo is e I'm a retiree with occasional back pain, and this suits me perfectly. The Goodtime Artisan Americana™ features a 12” rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and a much warmer tone. Its shorter length can still be tuned to open G tuning for bluegrass.. Jens Kruger takes us through the new Goodtime Americana, featuring the Grand 12" rim Tuned to open G like the 22-fret version Goodtime, the tone of the Parlor Goodtime banjo is slightly brighter due to the shorter scale. We stock he original Blonde color with silver hardware. The stunning new Artisan Goodtime banjo embodies Greg Deering's lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company - to make the best sounding, best playing, best looking, and best value U.S.A. made banjo that he possibly could. The rest of the banjo seems to be of good quallity. To mark the 20 th anniversary of the Goodtime series, Deering Banjo Company announced an exciting new release: the Artisan Goodtime banjos. It is an excellent shorter scale 19 fret open back banjo with a rock maple neck set up for playing all styles, it is lightweight and easy to handle and carry for travelling if needed. The stunning new Artisan Goodtime banjo embodies Greg Deering’s lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company – to make the best sounding, best playing, best looking, and best value U.S.A. made banjo that he possibly could. Made in America. They have hyped up the Goodtime line (and their other banjos) with a lot of fancy talk. It's a simple design but still gorgeous to look at, and the tone is terrific up and down the neck, playing at any distance from the bridge. Email Newsletter. The Deeering Artisan Good Time Americana Banjo12 inch rim for deep rich mellow tone The Deering Artisan Goodtime Americana features a larger than standard 12 inch rim for deep rich mellow open back banjo tone. Goodtime Jr. Deering Goodtime Parlor Banjo. Deering Banjos is offering the Parlor Goodtime banjo at no increase in price from the 22-fret models. Banjo - Travel Banjo and Banjo for Children to Learn On IN STOCKThe new Good Time Junior Travel Banjo.The Deering Junior was formerly called the Deering Parlor Banjo. Deering Banjo Company was founded in 1975 as the world’s specialist in banjos and has grown to become the largest manufacturer of American made banjos in the world. They started out in 1975, with the aim of making a high quality but affordable banjo. Deering Banjo … I really think that for the money Deering gets for the Artisan, which is nothing more than a fancied up Goodtime openback, they can at least give you quality parts to produce sound. This short scale openback banjo features premium Deering appointments like a "Midnight Maple" fingerboard and classic brown-stained 3-ply rim. The Artisan Goodtime Special can be heard with a sweet voice with sustain that complements all the instruments in a band. The Banjo Challenge; Find a Teacher. sku: APARGOOD. The more experienced banjo player will enjoy the Artisan Goodtime Special, a resonator banjo that comes with planetary tuners and a rich dark stain. Deering’s line of affordable Goodtime banjos started out with a single open-back five-string model that was built with quality materials and produced excellent tone. The Goodtime Artisan Americana™ features a 12” rim, which gives the banjo a stronger bass response and a much warmer tone. "Artisan" is one example. This small 5-string banjo is perfect for travel, teaching children, or for anyone who prefers a smaller banjo. That certainly includes the Goodtime series, which launched in 1996. $439 $489. Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online banjo teacher. Deering Goodtime Artisan Special Features Goodtime Special Tone Ring Rock maple neck with rich brown stain Planetary Tuners Geared fifth peg Vintage Artisan Style Inlay Satin finish Maple resonator w/ rich brown stain 3-ply Maple Rim w/ rich brown stain Midnight Maple Fingerboard Black Binding I honestly believe Deering has ridiculously jacked-up prices for banjos which should, in that price range, come with a flathead tone ring of some sort. Nut is not bone it is tusq and the bridge has an artificial top instead of ebony. We keep Goodtime by Deering banjos in stock and can ship them to you quickly.
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