So now we have to make up new activities to fulfill those emotional needs. Design works not because people understand or even appreciate it but because it works subliminally. As a more general question, what are the innovations in the publishing industry you find most interesting? Yes, but the same one as always. When you visit, The Talks uses cookies to process your data in order to analyze our traffic. They have more tradition and variety although Berlin has higher technical standards. I’m not going to quit.”, “There is something quite beautiful with the art thing, that you can only hold it back for so long and then you have to do it.”, “If you have to defend something that you like, it makes you to like it even more. The Big Interview Erik Spiekermann. What little I’ve seen made me despair. Only three years ago I was confident to start focusing on removing, and this is when I finally created a dish where I felt like I achieved what I tried to do for 23 years.”, “You have to open yourself. I’m worried more about what I’m going to do next week than I am what I did last week. What about indie authors? I’ll do it, I’ll save up some money...” Because by then the door will be closed.”, “I was always trying to innovate; I don’t like repetition. But since this was a political device, we deliberately decided to leave those lines because it was symbolic of the city coming together. Look at all the people you could have worked with, the roles you could have done. We’re all going to come to the same fate. Each action has a reaction. 20 of the best LGBT publishers, all devoted to the publication of queer literature, or actively seeking new voices from the LGBTQ+ community! It felt like some of the city belonged to us again. I think in a way you sort of can’t help sounding like yourself. If you want to design something timeless, you have to make it so boring that it’s also going to be boring in 20 years time. Does a good concept still hold as much weight these days? If you establish a good template and perhaps even pick just one typeface that works for whatever type of books you publish, you can just flow your manuscript into it and get 80% quality. Blog Erik is the designer behind many global brands and publications such as Audi, Bosch and The Economist. If you really want to do it, you’ve got to put in the work. Find the perfect editor for your book. Guest Author-16.07.2019. But it needs an update. I certainly couldn’t. Follow Erik Spiekermann and Reedsy on Twitter: @espiekermann and  @ReedsyHQ. Can’t wait to share your children's book with the world? You cannot deliberately be a trendsetter, just like you cannot design a classic. You gain a sense of freedom and understanding and forgiveness for being human. The same with everything else: politics you don’t like, products you don’t like, people you don’t like, you just swipe them away. The work we did was very political and important because it had to indicate to people that Berlin was one city again. They are way too close to them. But you’re always trying to hit it into the rafters, and damn the consequences if you don’t make it.”, “I have a moral standard of my own. I’ve noticed that suddenly a lot of cars disappeared! And that’s it! It doesn’t take any longer to pick the right typeface and try it out than it does to pick the wrong one. What do you think the future holds for book design and typography? There is a certain something about the ever-present danger of death that makes living so great.”, “I give my best performances when I am almost snapping. Erik Spiekermann Interview — Type Interviews Erik Spiekermann 5th of March 2015, Berlin You have this theory that type designers have a 95 percent established framework, and the remaining 5 percent is for shaping the tone and expression. By the time most first-time indie authors reach the phase of book development generally reserved for design, they are chomping at the bit to see their book finished. Erik is a world-famous art historian, typographer, designer and author who says he is “suffering from typomania: a sickness that is incurable but not lethal.”. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. When I first reached out to you to present you Reedsy and our cover designers, you said to me: “There are plenty of great cover designers out there and while I love designing covers, I find that way too easy and superficial. May it be ugly, may it be beautiful, may it be perverse, may it be all of those things. Thank you for this interview and article. I am interested in designing the actual words, adding an aesthetic dimension to the text while making it easily readable and appropriate to the medium.”. I live in near Gendarmenmarkt and Hausvogteiplatz, where it’s all offices and embassies, and with people not coming into work during the lockdown in March and April, the streets were all empty. If I add some aesthetic, to make it pleasant, nice to look at, that’s added value, because when things look good, people use them. We've worked with hundreds of first-time authors, and we're here to break down the process for you. Sometimes to get what you want you need to have a really strong past to make sure that you become a warrior and you are not scared about anything and you fight through the night.”, “I can’t make people happy if I’m not happy myself. He co-founded MetaDesign , a global design consultancy, as well as typeface publisher FontShop . That’s what the iterative process of design is about. What are the top three features of a good book design that authors should value above all others? Which city cares the most about typography? It’s hard to hear “no” all the time. I know nothing about e-readers. Followed by over 300,000 people on Twitter, he is frequently asked to contribute to books and magazines on a range of topics from visual language to bicycles (he owns 13 of them). 28 minutes ‘The Big Interview’ is Monocle’s bold new series of in-depth interviews with inspirational names from global politics, business, culture and design. Could you give us an example of a beautiful novel and tell us a little bit why you like its design? He has not only taught ze Germans what a design system is but created also dozens, if not hundreds of popular typefaces, used by Deutsche Bahn, Bosch or Firefox. It sounds like you don’t have much hope for the future of our communication. Mr. Spiekermann, as the designer for some of our most valuable information systems, road networks and transport communications, what sort of things catch your eye on the streets of Berlin? We have way more in common than we think. It was quite beautiful and refreshing. I think that’s the mark of an artist, actually, that they are rebellious, unruly… And I was one of them myself.”, “I think the final circle in being an artist is connecting, making some conversation to the world you’re in. It literally is all judged through a piece of glass. You do have to read the book (if only diagonally) and you have to know your typefaces and how to use them. The Berlin-based creator designed the famous classical font FF Meta and is the author of various typography literature. That’s it, I can’t lie; it is what it is, unabashed, naked. “Making something or creating something is about looking and exploring the potential, and I want to do that right up until the day of the performance. Want to know how to get a book deal? You go home crying and your parents almost want you to quit but then you just do it. I had the feeling that I was connected to the city again. Before the Wall came down, if you look at the old plans from East Berlin in the sixties, they had colored lines in the East and then the West was just a little white thing which had nothing in it. There are too many things to do. You can’t build something like that to last 30 years. Erik Spiekermann is based in San Francisco and Berlin, he has founded successful design companies like MetaDesign, FontShop and Edenspiekermann, to name just a few. If you don’t have a plan B, then you can’t take plan B. Don’t give yourself an out.”, “Even though I wanted to be minimal, for the first 20 years in my career all I did was add things; more courses, more ingredients. Live your life now; start in the morning. But of course, there is this decorative world of total meaninglessness nowadays through Instagram culture. If you’re feeling that, maybe other people need that to.”, “Failure is more interesting. Yes, some take more care. It’s shocking the extent to which our cities are dominated by cars nowadays. The point is that you must work every day if you ever expect to let the vision take hold of you.”, “I have a tattoo that goes around my right wrist that looks like barbed wire, but it’s actually ANDAND linked together, which stands for “A New Dawn, A New Day.” It’s about waking up every day knowing that you have a chance to start again and forgive and be forgiven and to let go of yesterday.”. Just like background music in a store. You cannot survive with that. At first I was quite intimidated! Learn more…, Find the perfect editor for your next book. I think every citizen of every kind of society has to dream. The printing costs aren’t that much of a deal and I can generate enough demand through my own channels. I thought it was fantastic to see that you wouldn’t stop at the cover and pay attention to the design and craftsmanship of the entire book, similar to what Apple does with their iMarvels. My track record isn’t bad - probably because I look around, read a lot, travel and generally have my ear to the ground. It’s like great packaging, but when you open it, the food inside looks brown and boring. If you are passionate about typography and design, there is no way around the name of Erik Spiekermann. You don't communicate. But the continuum broke when German intellectuals left the country. It can be tough; you have to have the stomach for it.”, “I have an irrational fear of boredom. Erik Spiekermann / Guest 32 — Design Interview 1Q - YouTube In the beginning you're very much involved in finding your voice and locating yourself artistically. But I can learn from those mistakes and grow. But maybe this whole situation we’re in is a good reminder to restart a few things in the world. Many thanks for answering my questions, Erik! There is luck behind me, there’s luck in front of me, there’s luck ahead of me. Those are the projects that I love: figuring out what might just be possible but hasn't been done yet.”, “Wherever any of us have been wounded, if we dive into what those wounds are, if we go down into and do the hard work within those wounds, we’ll actually find ourselves, we’ll find our real giftedness, a sincere, true giftedness.”, “I was a soldier in Korea and I got into a situation where I knew I was going to die. You want that note from a string so you tune it until it almost breaks – but then you get that note. In information design, you would rather have one line and give it five names — you wouldn't need five lines because as a graphic device, that’s over-information. You’re not supposed to be happy all the time. Looking back is for everybody else.”, “Failure is just something you have to go through on your own. Interview Directory; World Guide; The Talks Interviews Art Erik Spiekermann. Yeah. 15. Erik is a world-famous art historian, typographer, designer and author who says he is “suffering from typomania: a sickness that is incurable but not lethal.”. You suddenly realize what you have in common, rather than what divides you. Learn the fundamentals of book design, from creating beautiful covers to formatting and typesetting professional-grade interiors. Time is something that changes every moment, it’s never repetitive — I try to follow this example.”, “We're not having to run from predatory animals like we did for hundreds of thousands of years before. I've worked for many, many years so I'm really enjoying that my hard work has paid off… I think you should know your worth!”, “Belief is very important. Ana Bogdan The Talks. Use our 6-step guide on how to publish a children's book to help you get there. My parents hated the comic strips, they hated rock ‘n’ roll, and when they found out what movies I was going to they also were against that. I’m probably a maverick because I’ve never written or read a business plan but have raised a few successful businesses. London. Most editors don’t and seem to consider designers a nuisance and a superfluous expense.
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